Note Counting Machines

SGI Global Enterprises is Nigeria’s preferred supplier of Note Counting Machines to Banks and Businesses in Nigeria and Western Africa.

Our counting machines are durable products, produced to meet international standards and ready made for all kinds of financial operations and processing of bank notes.

Note Counting Machine Prices

Our note counting machine prices are not just affordable, they are competitive and priced to meet up with the budget of both small and medium enterprises, regardless of their financial levels.

We have in stock both brand new and fairly used Note Counting Machines, with very competitive pricing, available for businesses of all kinds.

With a whooping 10% discount on all purchases, delivery to clients and a 6 months warranty for all new products, SGI Global enterprises sets the pace in ensuring customer satisfaction and value for money.


Note Counting Machine PricesWe have in stock quality Note counting machines like Glory GFB-800 N, Heavy Duty Counting Machines like Glory Brandt/ Glory Brandt 8762/ Talaris delarue.

Like Glory Brandt 8762, Our Glory GFB-800 is a multi purpose banknote counter recognized for its high speed and accuracy. It is equipped with advanced features, capable of counting a batch up to 1,800 notes per minute.

This lightweight and table top counting machine has been favored by wide range of businesses, including banks, hotels, casinos, supermarkets, retail shops, among many others.

The GFB-800 is designed to continually provide superior performance demanded and expected by customers. It is capable of counting banknotes in 4 speed levels from 500, 1000, 1500 and 1800 pcs/min. different from similar counter in its class.


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