Printing calculator in Nigeria

What is Printing Calculator?

Printing calculators are desk top calculators used by businesses of all kinds, especially businesses in the financial sector. Being much larger in size than pocket calculators, printing calculators perform the basic functions like just about any other calculator, including addition, subtraction among other functions. Benefits of using Printing Calculators One of the most important benefits of using printing calculators is that a printing calculator gives users the ability to review and verify their calculations. It Read more…

Time Stamping Machine in Nigeria

What is Time Stamping Machine in Nigeria?

Time stamping is the process where businesses mark a document in order to certify its existence on a specific date and time, for future references. The process of business time stamping is facilitated by time stamp machines which are business machines used for the documentation of time, event and location for business documents. It is popularly used in banks, other financial institutions and businesses engaged in transactions in need of fast paced documentation. Types of Read more…

A4 Copy Paper in Nigeria

What is A4 Paper in Nigeria?

A4 Paper is part of the International standard organization’s A series of paper sizes. It is the most widely used paper series for general printing and letterhead stationery in the A series. The most common of the A sheet sizes is the international letterhead size A4, which measures 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 in, or 210 x 297 mm. In most countries around the world, A4 paper is the standard paper size used for every day printing Read more…

Counting Machine

What is Note Counting Machine?

A note counting machine also called counting machine is a machine that is used in counting and bundling currency notes. It is widely use in banks, retail stores, churches, government agencies and other businesses to ensure accuracy and efficiency in currency management as it helps it fast tracks the bank note counting process. Types of Note Counting Machines There are a number of note counting machines each identified based on what they achieve. The following Read more…

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