Time stamping is the process where businesses mark a document in order to certify its existence on a specific date and time, for future references.

The process of business time stamping is facilitated by time stamp machines which are business machines used for the documentation of time, event and location for business documents. It is popularly used in banks, other financial institutions and businesses engaged in transactions in need of fast paced documentation.

Types of Time Stamping Machines

The following are the most popular types of Time Stamp Machines in Nigeria:

  • Time and Date Stamp machine.
  • Number Stamps.
  • Date Stamps.
  • Dot Matrix Stamp.

Uses of Time Stamp Machines

As a business machine, Time stamping machine is primarily used to certify the existence of a document at a precise location and reliable date and time.

It is a business machine that ensures the reliability and accuracy of a document against alterations and for future reference purposes.

Where to buy Time Stamp Machine in Lagos

Time Stamping Machine in Nigeria
Image Insert: Time Stamping Machine

SGI Global Enterprises is a top dealer in of Time Stamp machine in Nigeria. With widespread market experience and long list of clientele that crosses different industries, countries and niches, SGI Global Enterprises has distinguished itself in the sales, supplies and maintenance of high Time Stamping machines to businesses, offices and institutions within and outside Nigeria.

SGI Global Enterprises Limited is indeed the market leader and go to company for all kinds of business needs. And it supplies to businesses within and outside Nigeria, including other African countries.


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