Printing calculators are desk top calculators used by businesses of all kinds, especially businesses in the financial sector. Being much larger in size than pocket calculators, printing calculators perform the basic functions like just about any other calculator, including addition, subtraction among other functions.

Benefits of using Printing Calculators

One of the most important benefits of using printing calculators is that a printing calculator gives users the ability to review and verify their calculations. It allows users to trace and verify the accuracy of calculations.

Printing Calculator Insert

After a long series of adding and subtracting numbers, instead of having to do the calculations all over again, printing calculators allow users to compare entries against the numbers they are working with. These printed out copies can then be removed and recorded as proof of accuracy.

Another important feature of a printing calculator is that it is easy to use. The large punch-able buttons of a desktop printing calculator makes it easy to type more accurately, compared to a pocket calculator. It also comes with an inbuilt “Grand Total” function that allows the calculator to add a total sum of all totals previously calculated. This feature is very functional for businesses making large calculations.

Types of Printing Calculators

Printing Calculators are basically classified into two types viz; Desktop and Handheld Printing Calculator. The following are the popular brands of printing calculators:

  • Canon Printing Calculator
  • Sharp Printing Calculator
  • Casio Printing Calculator

Apart from these three which are regarded as the top brands, there are a number of other brands of calculators in the market with popularity based on regional location and business needs.

Where to Buy Printing Calculators in Nigeria

SGI Global Enterprises Limited Nigeria is a major dealer in printing calculators of all kinds with years of industry experience and widespread customer base in Nigerian and Western Africa. You can place an order for your Printing calculators here or visit their office to check out at all available offers.


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