A note counting machine also called counting machine is a machine that is used in counting and bundling currency notes.

It is widely use in banks, retail stores, churches, government agencies and other businesses to ensure accuracy and efficiency in currency management as it helps it fast tracks the bank note counting process.

Types of Note Counting Machines

There are a number of note counting machines each identified based on what they achieve. The following are the most popular types of note counting machines popularly in use:

Money Detector Machine: This is one of the popular types of counting machines. It uses ultraviolet detection capacity to detect fake and rogue currency Notes.

Money Value Counter Machine: This is another popular types of Note Counting Machine, designed to count the number of notes without much emphasis on their denomination.

Mix Counter and Sorter. Sorter machines are equipped with capacity to count, detect, sort and batch count currency notes.

Leading Brands of Note Counting Machines

There are three popular brands of Note Counting Machines in Nigeria. In this post, we’ll be listing out the top counting machine brands popular in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

Glory Brandt

Also called Glory Brandt 8672 or Talarus/De La Rue, Glory Brandt is a heavy duty counting machine used by banks and large businesses in counting bulk currencies.

Glory Brandt counting Machine
Glory Brandt Counting Machine

It is a very reliable counting machine, providing fast and accurate processing of bulk bank notes in the shortest possible time with a high degree of accuracy. It is durable; comes with a high speed counter, suitable for heavy use environments.

Glory GFB 800

Glory GFB 800 is another top counting machines in Nigeria. Also known popularly as Glory Counting Machine it is one of the most widely used note counting machines available in Banks, Retail shops, Churches.

It is an efficient counting machine built to ensure efficiency and accuracy in Bank Note processing. It is affordable, readily available and one of the best options for small businesses or other businesses without much need for a heavy duty counting machine.

Zenith Bank Note Counter

Zenith Note Counting Machine is another currency processing machine widely used by small businesses in Nigeria.

Although it is not as strong as the other two, this counting machine is cheaper, more affordable and suitable for less bulky bank note processing.

Uses of Note Counting Machines

Note Counting Machines are widely used for many different purposes but the following are some of the most popular uses of the machines:

  • Counting and Bundling of Bank notes: As the name implies, this is one of the most popular uses of counting machines
  • Bundling of Bank notes: Counting machines ensures easy counting and bundling of bank notes.
  • Ensures accuracy in Bank Note Processing: Counting machines uses advanced technological mechanism that ensures accurate processing of bank note in a way that’s advanced than human processes.
  • Sorting out fake currency notes: Some counting machines are equipped with capacity to spot and identify fake currency notes.

Where to Buy Counting Machines in Nigeria

SGI Global Enterprises is a top supplier of note counting machines in Nigeria. With widespread market experience and long list of clientele that crosses different industries, countries and niches, SGI Global Enterprises has distinguished itself in the sales, supplies and repairs of counting machines.

It is indeed the market leader and go to company for all kinds of counting machine needs in Nigeria and Africa.


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