A4 Paper is part of the International standard organization’s A series of paper sizes. It is the most widely used paper series for general printing and letterhead stationery in the A series. The most common of the A sheet sizes is the international letterhead size A4, which measures 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 in, or 210 x 297 mm.

In most countries around the world, A4 paper is the standard paper size used for every day printing and official documentation purposes in offices.

Types of A4 Paper in Lagos

As someone in need of A4 Papers in Nigeria, not only do you want to look out for quality A4 Paper, you want to look out for premium quality papers with capacity to offer reliable performance on all printing jobs. The following are some of the top A4 Paper types in Nigeria that can meet this needs.

80, 75 and 70 GSM are the three most popular A4 Paper sizes in Nigeria and other countries around the world.

A4 Copy Paper in Nigeria
A4 Copy paper

80 gsm A4 Paper: This is the most ideal A4 Paper weight for printing and photocopying. 80gsm or 80 grams A4 Paper is not only popular; it has about the right level of thickness that’s suitable for printing purposes.

75 gsm A4 Paper: Although 75gsm is not popular in most markets, it is one of the most popular paper weights that can be used in place of 80 gsm. Price wise, 75gsm is cheaper than 80gsm in most markets however it is not popularly in supply as either 80 or 70gsm.

70 gsm A4 Paper: 70gsm is the next most used A4 Paper sizes, after 80gsm. Although it is has a lesser level of thickness when compared to either 80 or 75gsm A4 sizes, it is an alternative paper size that has high market demand in most countries. Although using 70gsm may lead to paper jam during printing in some instances, its lower price gives it an edge over the other two paper sizes.

Uses of A4 Paper

Basically, A4 Paper is used for printing and documentation purposes. It is the standard printing format for basic and most advanced printing purposes, from letters, letter head to invoices and other business and office printing needs.

Where to Buy A4 Paper in Nigeria

SGI Global Enterprises is a top supplier of A4 Papers in Nigeria. With widespread market experience and long list of clientele that crosses different industries, countries and niches, SGI Global Enterprises has distinguished itself in the sales and supplies of premium quality A4 paper to businesses, offices and institutions within and outside Nigeria.

It is indeed the market leader and go to company for all kinds of Quality A4 Paper Needs. And it supplies to businesses within and outside Nigeria, including other African countries.


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